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"Kristina Vårlid plays with an incredibly beautiful tone and a deeply rooted urgency that is impossible to escape.


 I am often moved by music, but here I am shaken in a much deeper sense than usual. It's a powerful experience."

- Ange Turell, Gitarr och Luta Magazine

"Vårlid has an almost insane

power in the quiet sections.

Even the softest note is

perfectly shaped - so delicate that I hardly dare to breathe.

This is the most beautiful

classical guitar record I have heard since I started as a reviewer, and a poignant memorial to Vlaskalic."

- Ola Nordal, Ballade 

"...she plays so brutally that the strings slam into the fretboard. There is a will of expression here that is rare to hear.

Something similar happens in Koshkin's second guitar sonata, where she makes the phrases sing like few others do."

- Egil Baumann, Klassekampen


“Kristina Vårlid’s playing is technically immaculate and deeply involved.” 

- Musicweb International

Photo: Damiano Rosa 

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